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As a content marketing agency, we provide the templates, guidance and support you need to evolve your team’s marketing capabilities and outputs.

Why Splendid Studio?

Producing content is now easier than ever, thanks to the wide range of easy-to-use digital tools that marketers now have at their disposal. For everyday marketing content – like Q&A videos, flyers, blogs, or even social media posts – purchasing the bespoke design services of a specialist agency may seem like an inefficient use of marketing budget. However, for many businesses, relying on in-house marketing teams to use these tools brings some challenges. How do you ensure brand consistency across your teams and departments? How do you ensure your marketing outputs are of decent quality, and positioning your business in a professional light? And importantly, how do you stop members of your marketing team ‘going rogue’ with their own marketing creations?

As an experienced content creation agency, Splendid has been helping B2B technology brands develop high quality, professional marketing assets for years. We’ve also seen the enormous potential for digital design tools to help marketers save budget and get content to market as quickly as possible. We’ve combined our experience, together with these new digital tools, to create Splendid Studio – the best of both worlds. We can work with you to understand your specific design and content requirements, develop a series of professional and well-branded templates for your marketing assets, then provide the training and ongoing support your team needs to fully utilise these templates for day-to-day content production.

Splendid’s approach to content marketing with Splendid Studio

Fully customised to your business
We can provide the level of support that’s right for your organisation – lean on us as much, or as little, as you like. Use tools that you are already familiar with, or learn new skills to develop your own production process.
Professional and consistent
Our objective is to ensure that your internal teams have the tools, templates and skills they need to produce professional, consistent content – making the most of your marketing spend, and helping you get messages to market quickly and easily.

Our capabilities within this service

Discovery and understanding

Discovery and understanding

We will work with you to understand your current needs, gaps in skillsets and marketing objectives to provide recommendations on the most suitable tools and platforms for your teams.

Template production

Template production

Working with your internal teams, we create professional, well-branded and easy to use templates for a range of marketing material, including videos, flyers, social media posts, emails and more.

Training and development

Training and development

We then onboard and upskill your internal teams with the skills and tools they need to utilise these templates in an efficient and brand-safe way.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

We can continue to oversee your campaigns and the integration of your templates for as long as you need us to and can create additional templates and formats as the need arises.

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FAQs about Splendid Studio

Splendid Studio is a training service that empowers and enables your internal marketing teams to produce professional, quality collateral, quickly and easily – using the best of web-based digital content production tools that are now available. We do this by first understanding your specific requirements and the tools you are already using; working with you to create marketing templates fand content formats or your key assets; and providing the support and training you need to get the most out of these tools and templates on an ongoing basis.

We can produce templates for any marketing assets that your business is likely to use – including videos, audio scripts, flyers, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, social media posts, and more. For videos, for example, we provide a templated motion graphics ‘bed’, into which your sales people can insert their own video recording. This allows your internal teams to pick up the templates, and easily turn them into unique and professional content assets, with full brand compliance.

Splendid Studio’s services are most suited to content that’s produced by your B2B technology business on a regular basis, but which simply needs a more professional and consistent look and feel – like sales eDMs, posts on LinkedIn, Q&A videos, webinar releases, and more.

What type of video is right for your B2B technology marketing?

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