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Why use a B2B event marketing agency?

Events are an essential part of the marketing mix. Whether they’re virtual, face-to-face or hybrid, events help you connect with customers and share information about your brand in a curated environment. However, with so many events – on all kinds of topics, and from almost every brand – it’s increasingly difficult to stand out and secure attendees.

Creating successful, high-impact events in today’s environment requires strategic thinking and creative execution. Marketers need to find fresh, relevant content to attract attendees and engage audiences.

Splendid helps technology businesses optimise the effectiveness of their B2B event marketing by using data-led research and account based marketing strategies to find out exactly what attendees want. These insights help us craft interesting and relevant content that stays with attendees after the event and encourages further engagement with your brand.

Splendid’s approach to B2B Event Marketing

End-to-end engagement

While it’s vital that you engage people during your event, it’s also essential that you hold their attention immediately after and continue to develop the relationship. Our B2B event marketing strategy is focused generating ongoing interest in your brand, at every step.

Maximum content generation
Does your team produce quality content for your events that never gets re-purposed or re-published? Splendid helps you drive more value out of your content, converting it into a range of assets to use in content programs and nurture streams for both attendees and non-attendees.

Our capabilities within this service

Event strategy

Event strategy

Using Account Based Marketing, research and data-led insights, we help you conceptualise and plan your events based on what your audiences are looking for in terms of content, speakers and formats.

Content creation

Content creation

Our experienced designers, animators, copywriters and videographers create finely-honed event content that delivers impact and connects with your audience.

Event promotions

Event promotions

We create event invitations, promotional content and even registration experiences to help you attract the highest number of attendees.

Nurture marketing

Nurture marketing

Once your event is complete, we help you connect with attendees and non-attendees, by re-purposing existing event content to add value to their experience.

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FAQs about B2B Event Marketing

Our strategy team work with you to define your marketing goals, and then determine how you can reach your potential audience in the most effective way. Whether your event runs as a face-to-face, virtual or hybrid experience, we can help conceptualise your event, plan your content, promote the experience and nurture your attendee prospects after the event – ensuring you are making the most of your event content, as well as converting the highest number of leads.

One of the most important elements in a successful virtual event is high value content. The more value you offer, the greater your audience engagement is likely to be. Examples of quality event content include:
  • Sessions that help attendees solve specific problems or learn new skills.
  • Networking sessions with peers who share similar interests and goals.
  • Opportunities to interact with subject matter experts or industry influencers.
  • Free downloads like guides, eBooks, templates, and worksheets that help get results faster.
  • Tools like calculators that help attendees understand how to navigate common pain points in their lives or careers.
  • Access to exclusive deals and promotions from sponsors.
  • Interactive sessions that go beyond straight lectures to create engagement through open discussions, polls and surveys, Q&A sessions, or even breakout rooms for small group discussions.

There are many ways to re-use and re-purpose event content to add more value for attendees. Examples include:

  • Creating a highlights reel – a short, punchy video of clips from the event.
  • Share interesting facts and statistics about the event.
  • Turning poll results into an infographic.
  • Providing access to speakers’ presentations.
  • Repurposing event content into educational blog posts or articles
  • Leveraging video content.
  • And much more.

What type of video is right for your B2B technology marketing?

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