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Why use a marketing automation agency?

Reliance upon online tools and sales channels increased heavily during the pandemic, with 70 to 80% of B2B decision makers now preferring remote human interactions or digital self-servicei . Crucially, 70% say they are open to making new, fully self-service or remote purchases in excess of $50,000 and 27% of buyers would even spend more than $500,000 online.ii

Clearly marketing automation has become particularly important in helping businesses to connect with customers as they move along the purchasing journey. Marketing automation uses AI and data-led insights to help you create and deliver finely-tuned content based on your buyer personas and their purchasing intent. Automation can also help you scale up to track your email marketing success, optimise your website traffic, qualify leads faster and enable you to send more qualified leads to sales.

Splendid’s team helps you leverage a range of best practice marketing automation tools to help optimise your campaign success.

Splendid’s approach to marketing automation

Beyond the tools
Get the most out of industry-leading marketing automation tools by powering your activity with our expert strategic insight and advice for selecting personas, channels, and ideal messaging.
Evolution through insight

We help you continually analyse and optimise the impact of your marketing automation activity, so you can implement required technology updates and ensure continued marketing success.

Our capabilities within this service

Training and education

Training and education

If you’re new to marketing automation and want to get started, we provide you with step-by-step guidance on every aspect – from selecting the best tools to use, through to executing campaigns to get the best possible results.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning

We provide you with a solid strategic plan for your marketing automation activity, including the personas to target, ideal messaging, and preferred channels to generate the best results.

Outsourced marketing automation service

Outsourced marketing automation service

Many technology businesses simply don’t have the resources or skillsets to dedicate to marketing automation in-house. Our team can implement and manage campaigns for you, from start to finish.

Measurement and reporting

Measurement and reporting

We provide you with detailed reports and analysis of your marketing automation activity, so you can continually optimise your initiatives and channels to get better results.

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FAQs about B2B social media services

Marketing automation is where an organisation uses digital tools and platforms to automate or ‘program’ any element of the marketing lifecycle. This can include everything from strategy and planning, through to content creation, distribution and publishing, as well as monitoring and reporting. The aim is to streamline day-to-day marketing activities in order to ensure customers feel valued and nurtured, while freeing up marketing professionals to focus on creating new initiatives and campaign strategies. Many content automation tools leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning, improving both accuracy and effectiveness – ensuring you reach more potential and existing customers, at the right time, in the right place, and with the right messages.

The B2B technology market is saturated with content, and technology buyers are often overwhelmed with information, much of which may not be relevant to their needs. With marketing automation, your activity can be highly targeted, increasing the likelihood that a person will engage with you. By using machine learning and AI, marketing automation tools can hone-in on the timing, messages and channels that are likely to get the most engagement from a prospect. Marketing automation also allows you to execute niche and personalised marketing at scale, in a way that is often too cumbersome with traditional marketing. At Splendid, we typically recommend that content automation is used as part of a broader campaign. Automation may bring efficiencies, but it’s not a total replacement for traditional marketing strategy and content production.

We currently specialise in Hubspot and Marketo for our marketing automation services, though we are also able to enhance the performance of a wide range of tools and platforms.

A great advantage of marketing automation is that these tools typically deliver detailed insights and reporting to your screen. You can see at a glance what is and isn’t working, and where your campaign messaging needs to be improved in order to get better results.

Closing the gap between marketing and selling

Splendid’s recent survey to B2B tech marketing leaders in Australia (report coming out soon) showed that over 50% believe the use of marketing assets by sellers in their organisation is selective and inconsistent at best. It’s

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