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How can B2B content marketing build your brand?

Content plays a key role in B2B technology purchases. A buyer will typically consult at least five sources of information when making a decision, including product demos, user reviews, and information provided directly by the vendor or a partner.i To give your brand, and your products and services, the best chance of success, having thoroughly researched and highly compelling content is imperative.

The team here at Splendid are experts at producing high quality content for technology brands. We understand the specific nuances of the B2B technology landscape, especially the need to adapt your messaging, format and overall approach for specific channels, audiences and purposes. We leverage data and strategic insights to develop finely-tuned content strategies, and our in-house creative content production teams then craft a wide range of content tuned to meet this strategy – from eBooks and whitepapers, to videos, emails, event presentations, flyers, brochures and much more.

Splendid’s approach to B2B content marketing

We create buyer-centric and partner-centric content
Today’s buyers and technology partners aren’t looking for a laundry list of your products and services. They’re after education, information and demonstrations to help them overcome challenges specific to their sector or industry. It’s why our content is created with your buyers and partners in mind.
The right insights, at the right time, in the right place
While you can create compelling content that focuses on specific needs and B2B pain points, it’s of limited value unless it’s marketed through the right channels, to the right audiences, and delivered at the right time in the buying journey. This is where our content strategy and planning plays a key role.

Our capabilities within this service

Content strategy

Content strategy

Our data-led, fully customised content strategies determine exactly who to target, with what messages, via what channels, and when they are likely to be the most receptive.

Content development

Content development

We produce a wide range of content across various formats, to help you engage and convert your technology buyers. This can include eBooks and whitepapers, videos, eDM series, ads, flyers, brochures infographics and more.

Style guides

Style guides

If your brand has evolved organically over time, now is the time to put rules around your content. Our team deliver professional style guides to ensure your brand looks and sounds consistent, regardless of who is producing your marketing collateral, and where it is being distributed.

Content automation

Content automation

Modern content automation tools can help you reach the right buyers at exactly the right time in the buying cycle, and then continue to nurture them and guide them to buy. We help you understand the scope of these tools, make the right technology selections and implement them to work in the best way for your organisation.

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FAQs about B2B social media services

One of the great advantages of working with Splendid is that we have decades of experience in the technology sector: it’s our key area of expertise. This means you don’t need to invest time bringing our content teams up to speed. While we always collaborate to develop deep understanding of your specific products and solutions, we already have detailed knowledge of the industry and the nuances of B2B technology marketing.

Our creative and content production teams are skilled at developing the full range of content to power your campaigns or a specific marketing initiative. Typically, this includes things like eBooks, whitepapers, eDMs, ads, articles, LinkedIn posts, videos, brochures, flyers and infographics. We can also produce beautiful and engaging PowerPoint presentations to help your sales teams excel as part of a campaign, webinar, live event, sales pitch and much more.

Account Based Marketing is all about positioning your sales people, and your business, as a trusted advisor to your customer. This means adding value at crucial points in their decision-making process, helping guide them to purchase by providing the information they need to make their choice. Splendid helps you create the valuable thought-leadership content that you need to execute an account based marketing approach.

Splendid’s strategic team can provide you with detailed, data-led insights to inform the content types, messaging and overall approach that will resonate with your audience. We also work with you at every step to measure the success of your published content and make any updates or revisions to help it gain traction in market.

What type of video is right for your B2B technology marketing?

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