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Why use a lead generation agency?

Success in B2B technology marketing is about developing long-term customer relationships, as well as continually identifying and converting new leads. At Splendid, we use data, customer insights, best practice tools and strategy to help you reach quality leads.

Our expert strategists work closely with you to refine your campaign objectives, develop a detailed strategy and produce compelling content to ensure your campaign messages reach the right target audiences. We also implement the full range of marketing programs to enhance your core lead generation activity, including performance media, search engine marketing and optimisation, telemarketing, content automation and more.

Measurement and analysis are vital components of any lead generation campaign – our team provides ongoing insights into the performance of your messages, placements and cross-channel activity.

Splendid’s approach to Lead Generation

Backed by data-driven insight

We leverage both our experience and expertise in B2B marketing, as well as best practice tools and technology, to provide you with accurate, data-led insights. This ensures you can focus on the right people to target, delivering the most relevant messaging in the most effective channels.

Continual optimisation is essential

Capturing the attention of as many potential high-value customers as possible is a matter of consistency and persistence. Measuring the impact of a campaign, and tuning the messaging and tactics in response, is vital. Our team provides you with the ongoing analysis and feedback you need to maximise your lead generation programs over time.

Our capabilities within this service

Strategic planning

Strategic planning

Our expert strategists work with you to refine your specific goals, and then provide detailed, data-led insights to help decide how, when and where to generate the best possible leads.

Campaign execution

Campaign execution

Once your strategy is in place, we help you craft your messaging, design your collateral, and execute a highly effective lead-generation campaign, including the production of sales presentations and telemarketing scripts.

Analysis and reporting

Analysis and reporting

Our team continually tracks data on the performance of your campaigns, providing you with analysis for assessment and campaign refinement while in market.

B2B tele sales

B2B tele sales

Our telemarketing and tele sales specialists help add impact and performance to your lead generation campaigns – following up on B2B digital marketing activity to further qualify leads and identify sales opportunities.

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FAQs about B2B Event Marketing

Traditionally, technology firms have relied on sales teams – and personal relationships – to build sales. While this approach still has value – especially when part of an Account Based Marketing approach -lead generation is also essential for technology brands looking to gain market share. There are two key elements to lead generation. The first is helping you identify which targets you should be pursuing to get the best results for your business. The second is helping you reach these targets and develop them into leads – by distributing marketing content that reaches them at the right time. As an experienced B2B lead generation agency, Splendid can help you at every step.

There is no limit to the type of marketing assets that can be used to generate leads. It usually depends on your business’ specific requirements, the type of customers you are hoping to attract, what their needs are, and the category of the product or service you wish to sell them. At Splendid, we use everything from videos to performance media placements, LinkedIn articles, telemarketing scripts, websites, brochures, flyers and much more. A lead generation strategy can help you determine which assets will be most effective for your campaign.

Every lead generation campaign will be priced differently, depending on the assets we create for you, the channels we use, and how many leads you are hoping to secure. When you use Performance Media tactics, you pay a certain amount for a click, lead or a sale, which can be ideal if you are trying to reach a large number of potential customers in a cost-effective way.

Typically, following any lead generation activity, we would provide you with a detailed list of potential leads, along with notes regarding their requirements, and an indication of their interest level – called lead scoring. Your sales teams would then follow up these leads to convert them to sale. However, Splendid can also provide a range of marketing services – including marketing automation – to help you nurture these contacts via digital channels.

What type of video is right for your B2B technology marketing?

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