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Why use an ABM agency?

Today’s technology buyers are often time poor and overwhelmed by information. The market is saturated with content, and it can be hard for a buyer to know what is valuable – or even genuine. At the same time, the ‘buying committee’ in a typical organisation is much larger than it used to be – somewhere between 6 to 10 people, according to Gartner – and can include some stakeholders not traditionally part of a business technology decision. This means priorities can differ and finding consensus can be a challenge. This is where Account Based Marketing (ABM) and an expert ABM agency can make all the difference.

With the help of an ABM agency, you can get to know your target customers – including their specific needs and priorities – and guide them, in an authentic and transparent way, along their path to purchase. It’s an effective strategy that can be extremely beneficial both for you as a seller, and for your customer. It’s also one that can lead to long-term, sustainable sales growth.

Splendid's approach to Account Based Marketing

We’re your trusted partner, allowing you to be theirs

As your ABM agency, we empower you to become a long-term advisor to your customers. A steady stream of strategic insights, research, marketing material and performance analysis ensures you make valuable contributions recommendations and convert more high-value opportunities.
We continually seek opportunities for growth

We take a long-term view of Account Based Marketing and are committed to helping you grow your relationships with both individual customers – and the buying groups they influence, over time. By providing ongoing analysis and insight, we help you adjust to changing market and account contexts, by re-prioritising and refining your ABM plan in response.

Our capabilities within this service

Planning and Segmentation

Planning and Segmentation

Identifying priority accounts and key people within them, to establish connections that encourage individuals to recognise your brand and your people.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Building your reputation using insights that demonstrate expertise, add value and deliver educational content to your prospects.

Communications Strategy

Communications Strategy

Engaging prospects and supporting relationship-building in the most effective channels, ensuring you’re present when the audience wants to engage.

Measurement and Analytics

Measurement and Analytics

Ensure data informs your commercial relationships and growth plans. Build plans with confidence and react more swiftly to specific proposals and initiatives based on your audience’s changing needs.

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FAQs about Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is about establishing and building relationships. It starts by identifying accounts and stakeholders with the most potential. By working collaboratively, you can better understand their needs over time, ensuring you’re always providing sound guidance with your content. Done well, ABM is a long-term marketing strategy that can be very profitable. You become a trusted advisor to your customers and can provide very targeted advice and marketing information. This increases their likelihood of buying from you and means the solutions you provide are very closely aligned with what your customers actually need.

As an ABM agency, we have extensive experience in helping B2B technology businesses with their ABM strategy and execution. There are four key elements:

  • Recognition: identifying priority accounts and key people within them, and establishing connections so individuals recognise your brand and your people.
  • Reputation: building your reputation using insights that demonstrate expertise and add value/teach prospects something new.
  • Relationship: engaging prospects and supporting relationship-building in appropriate channels (the ones where the audience wants to engage).
  • Revenue: underpinning your commercial relationships and supporting growth with specific proposals and initiatives based on what we’ve learned about your audience’s needs.

For your ABM to be effective, it needs to be underpinned by a solid ABM strategy. To get results, you need to have a solid rationale and plan in place to help identify which businesses you are going to target as well as which stakeholders within those businesses. You then need a detailed plan for how, when and where you will develop these relationships. How will you build your reputation? What marketing assets will you use to provide value – both in the short and long-term? What are your specific revenue goals? An experienced ABM agency like Splendid Group can work with you from the outset to define your ABM strategy, as well as bring it to life, step by step.

While many businesses tackle their ABM in-house, engaging an expert ABM agency like Splendid Group, can deliver some important benefits. From the outset, an ABM agency can provide impartial strategic advice regarding which accounts and stakeholders to target – helping you avoid the common trap of targeting businesses that offer an ‘easy win’, or with whom you already have an existing relationship. An ABM agency like Splendid can also contribute extensive practical experience in B2B technology marketing and produce the specialised marketing assets that you need to execute on your ABM strategy.

In essence, ABM is a long-term strategy. It’s about laying the foundations for future-success and building upon these over time. However, in many cases, an ABM strategy can also deliver short-term wins and revenue gains. You may, for instance, start with a campaign around a straightforward cloud-migration project. As you find more engagement with this material, you can then evolve to content that supports conversations around much deeper and more complex cloud initiatives. 

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