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Why use a B2B social media agency?

Your B2B buyers spend a lot of time on social channels:

  • 22.7% of internet users use social media for work-related networking and research
  • 96% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for their content marketing.
  • 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for social media B2B lead generation
  • and social media is the top distribution method for B2B content marketers, with 90% using social tools.

As a leading B2B social media agency, Splendid connects you with your customers in the channels where they’re actively researching their technology purchases. We have the strategic insight and detailed knowledge of the social media landscape, as well as the content and design skills to ensure you’re reaching the right people, in the right place, and at the critical points in their buying journey. Talk to our Social selling experts, to help your sales consultants use social channels to nurture customers before, during and after they have engaged with you.

Splendid’s approach to B2B social media selling

Reaching customers in the right place, at the right time

Successful B2B technology social selling is all about reaching customers at the right stage of the purchase journey – providing the information they need to fine-tune their decision-making, while making your brand part of their consideration set. Our strategic social selling experts provide the insights you need to ensure you’re reaching potential and existing customers with effective, well-timed messaging.

Building brands for organisations and individuals

As a B2B social media agency, we deliver content programs that promote and strengthen your organisation’s brand. We also deliver similar results for individuals within your sales teams. We help your sales professionals build their individual reputations in social channels, connecting them to the right people and enhancing their reputation as a technology thought-leader

Our capabilities within this service

Social media strategy

Social media strategy

Our strategy team provide data-led recommendations to help select the most appropriate channels, media formats and messages to reach your audiences and get results.

Content production

Content production

Our creative and content teams have the experience and capabilities to craft compelling and topical content that connects with decision makers at target organisations to build new relationships and create sales opportunities.

Measurement and analytics

Measurement and analytics

Ongoing and in-depth measurement is critical to success in social channels. We continually measure, test and optimise your messages and channels to help you maintain audience reach and relevance.

Personal brand building

Personal brand building

As well as helping you promote your organisation’s overall brand, we also deliver social media selling strategies for your sales team – helping them connect and engage with audiences on dedicated B2B channels such as LinkedIn.

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FAQs about B2B social media services

Social selling is where your organisation – or your people – use social media channels to connect with sales prospects and to promote your offering. The aim of Social Selling is to ensure that, when it comes to time to make a purchase decision, your business is top of mind. The first element is contact building – perhaps the most powerful tool which salespeople have at their disposal. It’s also quick, easy and free. By connecting with potential customers via LinkedIn Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social platforms, you immediately open up a channel through which you can provide them with information about your business, product or service.

Once a contact accepts your invitation or follows you in return, you have a (somewhat) captive audience for promoting the advantages of your products and services. As the individual has connected with you freely, chances are they relatively open to the content and messages you are providing – whether directly to them, or via a wider social platform. The Splendid team, social selling experts, can help you through this process at every step.

Once you’ve connected with a prospect via a social channel, it’s important to use your connection wisely. Rather than spamming them with broad information, be strategic and targeted. Teach, rather than sell. Uncover insights and share high-value information which will show the contact that you’re a person worth following and listening to. According to LinkedIn, one of the key ‘pillars’ of social selling is to position yourself as a trusted subject matter expert – 62% of B2B buyers respond to salespeople that connect with relevant insights and opportunities. You can do this by sharing relevant industry content, commenting on news alerts, and building your professional brand.

As LinkedIn says, the ability to measure your use of social selling is also vitally important. LinkedIn actually has a ‘Social Selling Index (or SSI)’ – a first of its kind social selling measurement, which operates on a scale of 0 to 100 based on your LinkedIn activities. In an internal study, LinkedIn found a strong correlation between achieving sales goals, and having a high SSI.

Before you embark on a journey of social selling, it’s important to create a strong and professional brand across your social media platforms. This can include uploading a professional photo, ensuring your LinkedIn profile has been well-written and is up to date, and carefully checking and censoring any content you have previously posted on any platform with which you are associated.

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