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Why use a partner marketing agency?

Engaging and empowering partners is now an essential part of successful B2B technology marketing. Yet many businesses are unsure how best to structure and manage their partner programs. The truth is there are a limited number of potential partners in the technology sector, and competition for their loyalty is fierce. To stand out, you need to reward and nurture the partners you already have, plus uncover creative ways to attract new partners to your network. By focusing on building a unique, sustainable and authentic partner program, you can create value for your partners, their customers, and your own brand.

Splendid has been developing IT B2B channel marketing programs for over a decade, giving our team a deep understanding of partner program mechanics, marketing and communication. We help you analyse your program through a commercial, customer and competitive lens, then recommend specific strategies and tactics to help you continually improve and evolve your program over time.

Splendid’s approach to Partner Marketing

Quality over quantity
When it comes to partner programs, it’s far better to have a smaller group of highly engaged partners than a vast network of partners with a more casual relationship to your brand or products. Rather than casting the net too wide, we help you focus on the partners that are the best fit for your technology business.
Growth through insight

It’s not uncommon for technology brands to struggle with measurement of the performance of their partner network. This leads to inefficient marketing investment, or a disengaged and unmotivated partner network. As an experienced partner marketing agency, we focus on providing you with the visibility you need, so you can build more high value relationships.

Our capabilities within this service

Program growth and development

Program growth and development

If you have an existing partner network, we can help you optimise elements that are working, engage poorly performing partners, and eliminate wasted investment on partners who aren’t committed to your organisation.

Marketing and communication

Marketing and communication

We deliver ongoing marketing and communication to keep your partners updated on your products and services, sales incentives, and commercial opportunities for them to grow with you.

New partner program strategy

New partner program strategy

If you're considering a partner network as part of your sales and marketing infrastructure, we can provide you with the strategic insights and recommendations you need to design, launch and grow your own successful program.

Through partner marketing assets

Through partner marketing assets

We also add value and remove workloads for your partners, by developing pre-approved, written and designed marketing assets that they can co-brand and send to end customers and prospects.

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FAQs about B2B social media services

Most technology vendors don’t sell directly to end customers, but through their partner network. A partner can usually provide a level of implementation expertise, day-to-day support and services that the vendor can’t offer alone. Ideally, being part of a network also delivers important benefits to the partner – making them more likely to recommend one vendor over another.

For a technology vendor, a partner program provides an opportunity to foster a network of loyal businesses who are out in the market, actively promoting and selling their products and services. For partners, it can mean ready access to tools and information to assist the sales process and help them grow their own revenue. This could include access to exclusive information about the vendor’s products and services, latest bundles and promotions, coaching and education on advanced selling techniques, sales incentives and bonuses, marketing collateral, networking opportunities, learning and development initiatives, and more.

While the underlying principles of a successful partner program are consistent, there are important differences in the execution of programs within the technology sector – and varying levels of sophistication. While more mature programs often offer tiering and collaboration, many simply don’t provide enough value to partners to encourage them to recommend a vendor’s products or services.

Splendid offers a range of services to help you build a new partner network, or more effectively grow and nurture an existing one. We have helped our clients:

  • Identify any gaps or obstacles in their current program, as well as opportunities for growth.
  • Understand the competitive landscape.
  • Drive engagement by producing and delivering high value marketing assets and resources to your existing and potential partners.
  • Continually measure and optimise program performance, with detailed insights from marketing activities, partner interviews, surveys and competitive analysis.

Splendid collaborates with C-suite executives, sales specialists, and technology leads across large vendor organisations, as well as directly with partners. As we specialise in B2B technology marketing, we have deep understanding of the partner landscape for technology businesses. We are able to deliver actionable strategic recommendations that help you simplify, prioritise and accelerate the returns from your partner marketing. We have a demonstrated ability to increase engagement and add value, driven by our strategies that resonate both with partners and customers, offering a solid foundation for ongoing measurement and optimisation.

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