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Splendid Group is a global communications agency for technology brands competing in B2B markets.

Our experience, technical expertise and deep understanding of B2B technology, buyers and markets ensures we know how to get results in the sectors where you want to succeed. Why should technology marketers spend their own time or budget bringing their agency ‘up to speed’? Spoiler alert: When you work with Splendid Group, you don’t have to. Meet the team.


The foundation of our work is deep, ongoing research into the relationship between businesses and technology. It’s the fuel for everything from our CMO advisory services through to multi-channel campaign planning. We develop the insights that help you connect with and persuade the complex, interdependent buying groups responsible for significant technology purchasing decisions. Leverage our thinking.


We’ve been remote, digital and distributed since day one, which means our culture is rooted in communication, collaboration and creative partnerships. We’re built to work across skillsets, geographies and timezones, delivering literally hundreds of highly successful lead-generation, marketing automation and communications programs for technology firms of all sizes. See how we work.

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Dicker Data
  • Microsoft
  • SAS
  • Atlassian
  • Insight
  • Aruba
  • HP
  • Dicker Data
  • Vocus
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